About Us

la f.lli AquilaniF.lli Aquilani was founded in 1968 and has developed over the years into one of the leading Italian companies in the Garden Furniture sector. The firm is still run by the Aquilani family, and has a tradition behind it of many centuries working in the forestry business, in woodwork, in carpentry and in cabinet-making.

The firm is based in Vetralla in the province of Viterbo, in a location surrounded by woodland and situated close to Mount Fogliano. The factory is equipped with the latest equipment for wood-working and processing, and every item it produces reflects the company’s dedication and professionalism.

F.lli Aquilani represents the very best of Italian manufacturing, offering a vast range of outdoor products, such as : patios, gazebos, cabins, car-shelters, tables and chairs, pergolas and porticos, outside seating areas, and furniture. Every item produced by the F.lli Aquilani workshops comes with a company guarantee.

Only prime wood is selected to make our products, which is then carefully worked, assembled, treated and packaged, with the utmost attention paid to its function and durability.

An entire department known as the “Custom-made workshop” liaises with architects, important clients, hotels and restaurants requiring tailor-made products. Indeed, F.lli Aquilani is able to customize individual items down to the very last detail. 


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