Garden Trellis – Express Custom Service

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Wooden Garden Trellis custom made? It’s never been easier than this!!!


Choose from a wide range of wooden Garden Trellis by F.lli Aquilani for your garden, terrace, pool or any space where you need to improve beauty or just separate areas. Worldwide express deliveries!

Choose the Trellis design that better fits for you and add a good range of optionals such as: Holes, Openings, Poles etc.etc. F.lli Aquilani has a new generation software that provides quick quotations! Just send us an email with the product and sizes you need, you will be contacted shortly with your own custom quotation.

garden trellis

Frangivista Trellis Design

Each F.lli Aquilani product is made in Italy! Ideal to give your garden an extra touch of class and elegance. Just choose the space you want between the profiles (we call it MAGLIA in the next pages) and we’re ready to give you the best product, service and satisfaction ever. All our production is pressure treated SWEDEN US PREMIUM QUALITY Pine!

garden trellis

Frangivento Trellis Design

custom garden trellises

Custom Garden Trellis

Garden Trellises

Wooden Garden Trellises

Ideal to add class, elegance and privacy in every garden, terrace, pergola, gazebo! Ideal match with our flowerboxes program.

– Pressure Treated Pine PREMIUM QUALITY

– Express production

– Upper quality and custom sizes… Prices below the standards


arch garden trellis

Arch Trellises F.lli Aquilani


If you want to do the job yoursel, with the following images you will be able to calculate the cost of your own custom size trellises! If you need extra infos just write to

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