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Descrizione Prodotto / Product Description

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Gazebo Patio Zen INVOGUE Luxury line

Gazebo Patio Zen INVOGUE is a structure characterized by its linea, clean and balanced design. Aimed to create a relaxing and meditation space. The oriental style evokes ancient cultures and traditions. Patio Zen has a wide range of accessories that you can order to personalize the structure according to your desires, like tents, cushions and glass, stone and aluminum inserts.

Bases specs and sizes of PATIO ZEN INVOGUE

gazebo patio zen

Project INVOGUE by F.lli Aquilani

INVOGUE project by F.lli Aquilani is designed to offer a line of very exclusive products, studied to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. The design reflects all the basis of classic and evergreen fashion, to the most modern and futuristic one. Each detail is conceived to obtain the maximum aesthetic / pratical result.

All the materials chosen to produce the INVOGUE line are highly selected among the best that nature can offer:

– Red Wood: is the name of the woo used to make INVOGUE structures. An african wood coming from mahogany’s family. The main characteristics which make Red Wood a precious one are: net surface, characteristic salmon red color, torsions and cracks happen very rarely even when exposed to the most hostile climate, no need to treat it with pressure impregnation to guarantee its lasting in time.

– All the INVOGUE structures can be completed with a wide range of accessories like: swinging tents and cushions made of precious cotton, leather and a huge variety of based upon customer’s request. There are also glass, steel and stone (from Marmo di Carrara marble to precious vulcan stone from TUSCIA called PEPERINO) inserts.

Each INVOGUE product has to be considered “tailor made” and realized with maximum attention and handicraft care. The customer can personalize his own structure choosing the dimensions and asking accessories even out of the standards. An INVOGUE product is a collectable object, unique, and different from any other, created to meet the taste and match the personality of each final customer.