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Wooden Hammocks

Pine wood pressure treated structure

Wooden Hammocks by F.lli Aquilani are designed and made in Italy! Two the available models: Viking and Barbarian. Pleasingly original, with a clear and superb structure, the Viking Hammock can transform any space into an oasis of tranquillity. Sturdy lamellar wooden profiles elegantly support the white cotton net entirely woven by hand. On this, you can fully appreciate every moment of well-deserved rest.

The Barbara Hammock is designed to enchant anyone who loves to live and enjoy every moment of personal relaxation. The Hammock can enhance any environment to the full, offers class and dynamism and a small, private oasis of tranquillity. Two remarkable curved lamellar wood profiles connect each end of the attractive cotton net, transforming the Barbara Hammock into an irresistible, enveloping hug.

Wooden Hammocks by F.lli Aquilani

wooden hammocks